Build my Funnel for me

Engage Funnel Animal to help build and implement an effective funnel strategy for your online business.

All successful funnels follow a specific, proven process. 

If you’re considering hiring a funnel expert, we’ll strategise and consult with you to understand and then develop these critical elements for your sales funnel to give you the best chance of success:

Who & Where Are Your Ideal Customers? 

We need to know exactly who you’re selling to, how your offer solves their pain point(s) and where they’re hanging out online to have any chance of success

Funnel Hacking Your Competition 

We research who your direct & indirect competitors are, what they’re selling to your avatar and how we differentiate you in the market

Your Irresistible Offer & Funnel Strategy 

In most cases, you need an irresistible offer (not just a product) to sell to help maximise your chance of success. We will brainstorm offer ideas to determine what’s the best offer to sell to your target avatar.

Funnel Copywriting

Having an effective message (great copywriting) is absolutely critical to getting your avatar’s attention and convincing them to buy your offer. 

Funnel Design and Build

Once we have a clear message and offer, it’s time to professionally design and build your funnel. 

Email Communication Strategy

Once your funnel is ready, we'll develop your communication strategy and email copy to continue to nurture your prospects and customers to drive more sales and revenue.

Finding Your Traffic With Facebook

Once your funnel is live, it needs customers! We’ll run a FB ad campaign to drive traffic to your funnel.

Funnel Launch & Optimisation

This is the very first test of your offer to see if it’s what your avatar wants to help solve their pain point(s), or not. We’ll review the data to see where your funnel is or isn’t working and how to optimise your funnel to improve results.

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Important note:

We work with clients anywhere from 4-16 weeks and funnel pricing generally starts from USD$3k. All of our funnels are custom projects to meet the specific needs of each client - we don’t do cookie-cutter funnels because we DON’T believe they’re in YOUR best interest, nor do they usually help you find the success you’re looking for.

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